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28 and 29 July 2018 | Double Tree by Hilton London - Tower of London EC3N 4AF

Harry Sardinas speaking at Speakers are Leaders July 28 and 29 v2

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You’ve reached that comfortable level in your life. You’re great at what you do. You feel unstoppable. Ready to conquer the world with your public speaking. To take your business to that next level you’ve been dreaming of. To transform the world with that message only you have.

You see yourself successful, in the near future, being recognised as the top person in your field. Nothing stands in your way to achieving your dream. You are living your picture perfect life with your happy family.

Secure and confident. Influential. Content with what you’ve got. Traveling around the world. Staying in the best hotels. The luxury cars. The beautiful view from your balcony or back garden.

Financially free. You never have to worry about money again.
But, let’s be honest. You’re still miles away from where you want to be.
Sure, you are making a good living and you’re working 24/7 to maintain it.

But here’s the thing:
You want more. Something is missing and you can’t quite tell what it is.
Maybe it’s contribution. Recognition. The thrill of being on stage.
You’re surely one of the best in your field. So what’s missing?

There’s only one problem.
Do you know how to present your message in a way that people hold their breath for every word you say?
What if you could have a room full of thousands of people give you a standing ovation after your speech?
What if you could have people begging you to take their credit cards to learn what you had to say?
If only you could overcome that fear of public speaking.

Here’s the problem.

Most people want to be speakers for one of two reasons.

Because they want to be RICH or… because they want to be FAMOUS.

The fact is, I like to work with people who want to be RICH and FAMOUS.

But…over my many years of public speaking, I have come to the conclusion that the real reason that drives YOU is that you want to be helping people.

Now let’s BE HONEST…the main reason why you aren’t as successful as you want as a public speaker, is because…YOU SUCK.

And the fact is that if you didn’t suck, you would be doing this already, you would be speaking on stages around the world AND you would make lots of money with public speaking.

And the WORST THING is…the last time you spoke you were either in a conference room, at your best friend’s wedding or a funeral and you had to do your speech, but you were SHAKING and SWEATING, or EVEN WORSE… you FROZE… and you could not say anything.

Have you ever had that situation, where you have nightmares about speaking in front of an audience, then you wake up in the middle of the night?

I had that, and it wasn’t good.
I have struggled for many years, trying to improve my public speaking.


Now I have created a course that will help you turn into the public speaker YOU REALLY WANT so you too can speak on stage alongside Les Brown, Tony Robbins, and overcome the fear of public speaking…so that you never have to go through nightmares again.

What is it?

It is a 2 day transformational public speaking and leadership weekend course in London.
9am to 9pm, on the 28 and 29 July 2018

What You Will Discover:

At the ‘Speakers Are Leaders bootcamp’ in London, on 28 and 29 July 2018, you will discover a powerful public speaking system so that: become an effective and engaging trainer, public speaker, presenter, so you can build your business, make much more money with public speaking, get that promotion you have always wanted, get recognised as an effective speaker, inspire thousands of people to create leadership in your organisation, raise your productivity, get motivated and multiply your results.

What Is Speakers Are Leaders:

Speakers Are Leaders bootcamp is a transformational, hands – on, practical and effective workshop that enables you to learn and practice the public speaking skills you need to never struggle again whether you are presenting one to one, to an audience of 10, 100, 1000 or 10000 people.

How many times have you been at a workshop where you learnt some interesting strategies for public speaking, only to find that these strategies have gone to waste because you never had the opportunity to practice them immediately?

How many times have you had the opportunity to speak in public, but have either refused to do it because of lack of confidence or lack of practice? How many times have you acquired knowledge from books or other sources about how to become a public speaker but never had the chance to speak on stage?

At Speakers Are Leaders, the course leader will facilitate that you take your first powerful steps to becoming an extraordinary speaker or presenter. We believe that practice is as important as theory,that is why in the Speakers Are Leaders workshop, you will go to the stage not once, not twice, but 4 times during the two day program so you can implement immediately what you have learned.

Who Is It For:

This is suitable for you if you work in sales, network marketing or do regular presentations in your business or workplace, or if you are the CEO of a company or plan to own your own business; this is also suitable for you if you want to differentiate yourself from the rest and wow your audience with your advanced learning skills and techniques.

If you have some knowledge you can share, you can become a speaker and a leader in your organisation.

What Results Can You Expect?

At Speakers Are Leaders you can learn how you can turn your knowledge into profit by creating engaging talks and presentations that not only make you money but transform and empower the teams you train.

Whether you need to enrol masses of people, your family or one person into your Big Idea, you need to learn the essential skill of public speaking and leadership. Public speaking is not enough for your audience to understand and be enrolled in your message enough, as to feel inspired to take action.

You may already be a speaker, but you are not achieving the results you are expecting. You may not be able to fully engage the audience and make the money you feel you deserve. Speakers Are Leaders can enable you to feel more confident when speaking in public so that your message reaches the people you want it to reach.

Speakers are Leaders was created to give ordinary people the opportunity to create extraordinary transformation in themselves, their team and the world. These are some of the skills that you will develop at ‘Speakers Are Leaders’:

Transformation in Yourself and Your Team
Enhancing Your Energy
Advanced Learning Tools And Strategies
Effective Teamwork
Engaging Presentation Skills
Team Building Exercises
Empower the Team to Share Information Effectively
How To Create Leadership

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How Can Speakers are Leaders Help you Become a Speaker and a Leader?

Speakers Are Leaders is a bootcamp that will transform your life.

Speakers are Leaders 3 Programs

Speakers are Leaders is a combination of 3 programs:


Program 1 – Unleash the Speaker Within ™

Let me ask you a question:

How many times have you wanted to share that big idea you had, yet you were stopped in your tracks by an immense fear of public speaking?

At Speakers are Leaders, you will be able to gradually overcome the fear of public speaking and activate that immense power you have within yourself. I will show you simple, easy to use proven strategies to overcome the fear of public speaking that work time and again.

But there’s more…

How many times have you been at a networking event, you pitched your product or service and then you went home without a single sale; even worse, people were confused about what you had to offer?

At Speakers are Leaders, we understand how hard it is to craft that special message that your product offers in a simple, concise and effortless way that will enable you to grab your potential client’s attention and close more sales. And the best thing is once you figured out how to pitch your product once, you can use the same pitch over and over to close MORE and MORE sales. That is precisely why you will also get:

A Proven system anyone can use to prepare your elevator pitch so you can make more sales and have more money in your pocket effortlessly.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to make more sales, and wants to contribute and help people, let me tell you this.

You are selling every time you speak. You are selling your wife or your kids on the idea of going out to the park; your employees or business partner on the idea of helping you stay late at work. You are always selling.

Someone is always making a sale in a conversation. It’s either you making a sale or the other person selling you on the idea of why they can’t do it.

This course will enable you to sell that big idea you have to the world.

Now what if you had that big opportunity to be featured in the media, on TV or radio, and you weren’t prepared?

Have you ever wanted to contact the radio or TV to share about an exciting new product you had, yet you have been worried you won’t come across well or you simply won’t know what to say when you are asked a tricky question?

Here’s the thing.

We don’t want you to miss out on the incredible opportunities the media can offer simply because you feel you aren’t ready to answer their questions, and that is why we have included in our training a simple system to allow you time to think about what you want to answer; the same technique that allows inspirational people or politicians to always come up with the right answer; you will be given an easy method to be always ready to answer unexpected questions by the media, the radio or TV.

And there’s more…

Many people try to sell from the stage but they struggle, simply because they have failed to engage the audience in the way that your audience prefers to learn. In fact, most speakers try to engage the audience in the same way they prefer to learn; by doing so only engaging a part of the audience. And that is precisely why at Speakers are Leaders you will be given several techniques to keep the audience engaged at all times so everyone does participate. Participation equals more money in your pocket. Kerching!

And in case you were wondering, how can I do that?
Well, you will be shown the ultimate accelerated learning techniques that will help you monetize that knowledge and that gift only you have.

Here’s the problem:

Every time you try to speak, the audience automatically has a high level of resistance to you…especially if they don’t know you.

Many people try engaging the audience as a speaker, but here’s the thing:

Unless you manage to lower their resistance, your message won’t be heard because your audience will simply switch off. If they switch off, you won’t make any money, and surely that’s not what you want.
That’s exactly why at Speakers are Leaders, we will be sharing some incredible strategies for how to touch, move and inspire the audience in a way that will lower their resistance and enable them to receive your message.

That seems like a lot of content already, right?
In case you’re wondering, are you likely to remember all that?

The answer is yes; we will be showing you everything using accelerated learning techniques, which will keep you alert, engaged, full of energy; it will raise your energy and you will have probably the most fun you have had in years.

Unleash the Speaker Within is a half-day program valued at £ 999

Program 2 – Video Essentials from Zero To Hero

Let me ask you another question. How are you going to spread that message and gift only you have to the world?

With these newly acquired public speaking skills, you see yourself living the lifestyle you always wanted; working anytime, from anywhere. You live life on your terms speaking around the world, from the beach, from your fancy hotel.

So what’s the missing piece now?

It’s leverage. Being on social media, on facebook live, youtube live, on video gives you the ability to be in front of more people; speaking one to many, not one to one.

If only you could start.

If you are like me years ago, you need to be showcasing your product or service on social media… and you know it.

In fact, you are all fired up and ready to go. Ready to conquer the world.

Picture yourself as a highly successful speaker mastering the stages all around the world and building a huge momentum around the world on social media. You’re even thinking, hey, that friend of mine on Facebook can do it – I can do it too. You’re even semi-mocking her – thinking : “I can do this better”.


Aren’t you tired of all the things you should be doing, but you don’t know how?

If only you could overcome that fear of speaking in front of the camera. If there is one thing you fear more than speaking, it’s speaking in front of the camera.

If you are like me years ago, you are afraid of putting yourself out there to be seen by the world and become the laughing stock of the internet. And yes – it could end up up there forever. And, gets even worse… the last thing that happened when you tried to do it, you looked like a complete idiot, or you spent hours on the internet trying to find the right tools that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

But hey, I got news for you. At Speakers are Leaders, I will show you some simple techniques that you can use straight away to overcome the fear of speaking on camera.

Here’s another fact: if you knew how to do it, you would do it…if only you had the time and the right equipment.

That’s exactly why at Speakers Are Leaders you will get the insider secrets for how to produce good quality video with your mobile phone that you can immediately use on your social media to build your business and your brand, to get that promotion, find the job you really want or make more money.

You will also see first hand how to use simple gadgets to make sure the light and sound are correct in a video.

Here’s another fact. People are sceptical. People want to see social proof. They want to see how your product helped hundreds, thousands of other people.

Yes, I know you may have helped thousands of people with your product, program or service but do you have thousands of excellent reviews?

I can tell you this – more than anytime before, people are counting on reviews to make a buying decision. If you cannot show excellent reviews from your current clients, it is 100 times harder and more expensive to convert a potential customer into a buyer.

I used to struggle getting reviews until I figured a simple way to get video testimonials which works — every time!

You are missing out big time on potential referrals and free marketing by not having video testimonials on your website, I am telling you!

If you could get 1000 new clients this year effortlessly or reduce your spending or marketing budget considerably thanks to testimonials, how much would that be worth to you? The other problem is most people don’t have a clue how to give the right testimonial that works for your business; you could deliver an amazing product to your clients, and then get a testimonial that can’t ultimately be used because it’s wrong in every aspect regardless of the good intention the client. That would waste so much time.

So here is why at Speakers Are Leaders, you will get a template that enables you to realise what kind of testimonial works for your business so you can get more referrals, get free publicity, increase your sales and reduce your spending.

And there’s more. As a speaker, you need a website. But not just any website. What good is it to have a website, if you cannot have any people visiting it? That is why I have included in the program proven tested and effective advice from the world’s best internet marketing guru – Armand Morin – who sold 100 million online in total sales. He has prepared a special program for Speakers are Leaders to show you exactly how you too can drive traffic (people) to your website using video.

Everyone is talking about how important it is to be a good speaker but the fact is that’s not enough. What you want is to be seen speaking on multiple channels – online and offline, to promote yourself in several ways. One good way is through interviews. At the course you will see exactly how to use interviews to build your brand and get more business.

Video Essentials from Zero To Hero is a half-day program
valued at £ 999

Program 3 – Just Speak and Make Money ™

Here’s a question – you’ve now got the courage, the power and the knowledge to speak. Now the million dollar question is: what will you speak about?

The number one thing you need to find is your topic, but not just any topic.

The Right Topic for you.

The wrong topic could end up wasting years of your life, trying to create a course, promoting it, rehearsing it, spending time and thousands of pounds in vain.

How do you go about finding your topic is something we will be covering in Speakers are Leaders so you don’t need to struggle choosing the right topic.

So many speakers start speaking, then wonder why they got no results.

The answer could be lack of Branding. At Speakers Are Leaders, you can find out how to brand yourself as speaker so you can make more money and charge more for your services effortlessly.

The problem is when you aren’t branded, you may lack credibility.

If you are like me, I struggled for months with the wrong presentation that never made me any money. I tweaked it and tweaked it, spent hundreds of hours trying to make it better, but the fact is until I learnt how to do it, I struggled in vain.

That’s precisely why at Speakers are Leaders we decided to give you the killer power point presentation template to sell from the stage that you can follow to start getting the right results in your business.

Knowing how to speak is great, but where are you going to speak?

Speaking requires a platform where you can not only practice, but also be able to make money from. Here is exactly why at Speakers are Leaders you will be given some starting points for finding speaking gigs, including the opportunity to partner up and speak on the Speakers are Leaders stages, for those selected by application only.

So many organisations crave leaders – maybe that is you?

If you want to be a leader in your organisation, it takes a certain type of person. At Speakers Are Leaders, you will find how to become a leader and speak to inspire.

A true leader knows teamwork is required to achieve great things. The bigger your speaking business grows, the more you will realise you need teamwork.

At Speakers are Leaders, you will learn some essential rules for teamwork and being a great leader.

Just Speak and Make Money is a 1 day program valued at £ 1,499

Total value is £3,497

Event Details:

Double Tree by Hilton London - Tower of London EC3N 4AF
28 and 29 July 2018
Starts 9:00 am Ends 9:00 pm Saturday
Starts 9:00 am Ends 9:00 pm Sunday
Doors open at 8:30 am

The times above for the seminar are approximate times only. Harry is committed to the highest standard of presentation and insists that all material is covered, therefore the schedule may vary.
Doors open at 8:30am sharp!


Double Tree by Hilton London - Tower of London EC3N 4AF

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Speakers are Leaders Founder

Harry Sardinas is the bestselling author of the book, Climbing Big Ben: How to Survive, Thrive and Succeed in London.

He is also an entrepreneur, international speaker, inspiring leader and a successful public speaking coach.

harry sardinas - speakers are leaders


speakers are leaders book by harry sardinas

Harry arrived in London in 2006 with no English and his first job was a waiter in pub. During his career, he worked his way up until he started his property company that has achieved total sales of over 4 million pounds. He has also started a career as a public speaker, winning the Toastmasters international public speaking contest and had the privilege to share the stage with Les Brown, Blair Singer, Tony Robbins, JT Foxx, Armand Morin, Kevin Green and other elite speakers.

He is now focused on sharing his insider secrets on how you too can get the same results so that you can enjoy more wealth and more time with your family, friends and people that you love, with the help of great energy, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help you succeed.

He wants you to be empowered and develop your public speaking skills so you too can speak like a leader. Harry is also the author of the upcoming book, Speakers are Leaders, on which this workshop is based. So book your ticket now  and learn the skills, strategies and techniques that will transform your life

Harry Winning First Prize at The London Toastmasters International Speech Contest
Mystery Award Toastmaster International Speaking and Evaluation Competition

harry sardinas interview by bradley chapman

Harry will also be speaking at the following events:

el lider vencedor - 10 aug
el lider vencedor - 14 aug
harry sardinas at yes-you-can-inspire-banner11-as-of-10-May

About Lily

book cover 3d c

Lily Patrascu is the author of multiple books, International Speaker and a Sales and Branding coach.

She is the co founder of Speakers Are Leaders bootcamp – a transformational workshop that will empower you to make the first powerful steps to becoming an extraordinary speaker or presenter.You will see first hand and practice the public speaking skills you need to never struggle again whether you are presenting one to one, to an audience of 10, 100, 1000 or 10000 people so you can confidently close more sales in person or from the stage.

Her workshop “Increase Your Wealth As A Speaker”, can help coaches, authors, speakers and business owners raise their profile by enhancing their branding so they can charge more for their services as well as expand their business.

Subscribe to Lily on Youtube channel: Lily.Global
Follow Lily on Facebook:
Follow Lily on Linkedin: Lily Patrascu

Guest Speakers

bradley chapman
Bradley Chapman

Bradley is the founder and creator of The Diamond Experience Business Development Programs and Inspired Events. He is a published author, international radio show host and broadcaster, motivational, inspirational public speaker, and business networking authority.

dr lamis
Dr. Lamis El-Rashid

Dr. Lamis El-Rashid is a transformational coach. She is the founder of Light In The Park, a space where you can bring your whole family so they feel more empowered after the session. Lamis is one of the few experts in UK in the area of collaborating with your mind technology.

isha shan
Isha Shan

Shan is a breathing coach. He can enable you to double your productivity and energy whilst reducing sleeping time in half. His years of experience practicing Yoga as well as the inner reengineering Learned by the Master Sadhguru has lead Shan to a life full of energy, health and inner peace.

April Lui

April can help you to wake up with makeup. She has a degree in BSc Medical Engineering and a MSc in Biochemical Engineering. Her mission is to create more beauty and joy in the world with semi-permanent makeup.

Yavuz Altun

Author, Speaker and Multimillionaire co-founder of Happy Center supermarket chain with 4000 employees, and 5 million visitors per month to his shops, one of the leading retailers in Turkey. An alumnus of Harvard Business School, he has been leading the business process transformation and innovation in Grocery Retailing and Supermarket Industry for more than 20 years. He has a successful background of defining business strategies and leading global transformation know how transfer. Passionate about innovation and new technologies, he developed own erp and digital platforms where related functions generated for efficient and effective business units.

nick ronald
Nick Ronald

Nick is a communications professional and an Internal Communications Specialist. He has 20 year’s experience in external and internal roles in both the public and charity sectors. He is also a copywriter, speaker, filmmaker and entrepreneur with strong interest in health. Director of Austins Health and Bullet-proof media. His specialties include: planning, strategy, digital and internet marketing, internal communications, external communications, PR – media relations, campaigns, intranet, copywriting, editorial, online marketing and promotion and film production.

annie lee
Annie Le

Commodities Trade Finance at the Lloyds Banking Group. She specialises in portfolio management, client asset management, credit and relationship management. She used to work as a brand manager and relationship manager and has a degree in Engineering with Business Finance at the University College London, U. of London.

Assisting Coaches

daniel aprea copy
Daniel Aprea

Daniel Aprea is the Sales Coach for Non-Sales People. He helps Coaches and Consultants like you to get more clients and charge what you’re really worth. He is the founder of Coachized Training and, the upcoming #1 UK platform to connect anyone with the right coach for them. His extensive experience as an NLP Trainer, Life Coach and Entrepreneur makes him the go-to person if you are serious about scaling your coaching or consulting business to 6 figures and beyond.

yolanda albert
Yolanda Albert

Yolanda Albert is an Educational Psychology Strategist. She is an expert in Brief Strategic Therapy applied
to life success with experience in Asia and Europe. Yolanda is part of Coachized Training, where she
works as an Accountability Coach helping experts, speakers, coaches and consultants increase their sales
and scale their businesses. She is also the founder of the EasyPCOSlife, a program where she coaches
women with hormonal imbalance.

tom thompson
Tom Thompson

Tom has been developing his public speaking for around a year now as he looks for new ways to get his message out about the value of trees.
In that time he has completed the Speakers are Leaders course twice, joined and got involved with Toast Master, completed Andy Harringtons PSU and PSA, as well as speaker training with JT Foxx, Luke Scott and an NLP version. He has also completed NLP, hypnosis and timeline therapy practicitioner training and have become a coach. Tom is also the Speaker Coach Team Leader.

moctar adeleke
Moctar Adeleke

Motivational Speaker and author of the upcoming book, Stop Wishing and Start Doing: How to conquer your mind and create the life you want

The Event

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Harry Sardinas Has Shared The Stage With

harry sardinas with tony robbins
Tony Robbins - Number 1 Life And Business Coach In The World
Les Brown - World’s Greatest Motivational Speaker Of All Times
Armand Morin - The Greatest Internet Marketer Of All Times
JT Foxx - Number 1 Wealth Coach In The World
Richard Tan - Chairman and Co-founder of Success Resources Int’l, The Biggest Event Company in the World
Veronica Tan - Co-founder of Success Resources Int’l, The Biggest Event Company in the World
Blair Singer - The Best Train The Trainer Authority in the World
John Lee And Vincent Wong - Property Millionaire and Wealth Creators
Andy Harrington - UK Public Speaking Authority
Sandy Jadeja - Leading International Stock Market Trading Authority
harry sardinas with brandley chapman
Bradley Chapman - Leading International Radio Show Host and Broadcaster
Paul Mahoney - UK Social Media Expert
Gerry Roberts - Best Selling Author and Publisher

Harry on Stage

Harry’s course Speakers Are Leaders has been listed among the world’s best courses. Here, it is listed alongside:
Tony Robbins – world’s #1 life and business strategist
Randi Zuckerberg – marketing expert, sister of billionaire Mark Zuckerberg,
Robert Kyosaki – property investor and author of multiple books
JT Foxx – World’s #1 Wealth Coach
Robin Sharma – leadership visionary and author of multiple books
Stephen Hawkins – Nobel prize winner, theoretical physicist
Russell Brunson – one of the best digital marketing experts, founder of Clickfunnels Train the trainer – the world’s best trainer courses
Peng Joon – digital marketing and affiliate marketing expert
Sandy Jadeja – Chief Market Strategist for Master Trading Strategies

Kevin Green – UK’s largest property landlord and bullion investor
Justin Teoh – YouTube Advertising & Video Marketing expert
Gary Vaynerchuk – American entrepreneur, author, speaker and internet personality
Blair Singer – World renowned sales trainer, peak performance expert, speaker and the bestselling author of Little Voice Mastery, SalesDogs and Team Code of Honor.
T. Harv Eker – author, businessman and motivational speaker known for his theories on wealth and motivation, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
Dr Demartini Human – Behavior Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Internationally Published Author


Why Buy Today?

Here’s the reason why you shd grab your ticket while you still can…

The GOOD NEWS is…I know many of you wanted to do the transformational Speakers Are Leaders course with Harry Sardinas, and the best part is…you still HAVE TIME to book your ticket at this amazing offer.

Click the button below to make it happen now:

book now

That dream, of FINALLY monetising your knowledge, of FINALLY making things happen, of FINALLY being the person you know YOU ARE, deep down inside you, is POSSIBLE. And it starts here. You’d better act FAST, because once the spots are gone, they’re gone.I managed to secure the tickets at the special price you cannot get anywhere else. Book your spot NOW.

And the best part is…

I am taking all the risk.
Book your ticket for the event.
If you aren’t happy with it for whatever reason,
by midday of 28 July 2018, simply ask for a refund no questions asked

money-back-400x400 copy

What Our Attendees Have Achieved

Confidence in Speaking In Large Audiences
large audience
Confidence in Sharing the Stage with Multimillionaire Randi Zuckerberg
attendees sharing the stage with randi zuckerberg

Other results achieved by other attendees:
Closed major contracts worth thousands of pounds the day after the course
Got an order for 5 yachts the day after attending Harry and Lily’s training
Took the leadership to hire someone else
Became much more motivated, inspired, driven and productive
Gained more Confidence at work
Reduced workload to 3 days a week and became more effective
Started a new property business
Became well known in Linkedin for speaking confidently on video
Took initiative at work and closed much more deals
Gained confidence in themselves and managed to speak in front of large groups



Coaching Clients



This was my second time attending Speakers are Leaders workshop. I really enjoyed meeting new people, exercises are fun,exciting and the program is designed to make you bring out the inner voice with poise. I experienced amazing breakthroughs over the 2 days. You will learn how to speak, prepare a speech, how to use vocal variety, speak in front of the camera which is all done in a fun and exciting way. Each exercise is building you up for the next one. I would like to say thank you to Harry and the amazing team for organising the workshop. We had so much fun. The workshop is growing and so are we. I highly recommend the course, you will make great progress. I have now been invited at an event to speak on stage next week. Which I am so excited about. I am also starting my own show. This would not be happening if I did not have the incredible support and guidance from Harry and his team at speakers are Leaders workshop. Go do it!!😁

What an extraordinary experience with the most amazing and most positive people I have ever met – Harry, Lily, their crew and everyone that joined.

I first met Harry a year ago and what pulled me into his 2-Day Intensive Speakers are Leaders Course is not only the course itself (which is just mind-blowing), but his genuine care for his own clients and his humbleness. He wears his heart on his sleeve and he hasn’t changed a bit since I have known him. Unlike most people who achieve success in their life, he doesn’t forget where he came from and he is quite accessible and approachable. You will see that he isn’t in this business solely for the money, but he genuinely wants to help people succeed. He treats everyone as his close family. Now I understand why his branding is “Speakers are Leaders” – he is the quintessential LEADER.

With regard to the course itself, I joined the course because I have always had stage fright in the past since childhood, and by the end of the course, I can definitely confirm that my Public Speaking Skills has improved a ton! To be honest, I was not expecting it to be this intense, structured and detailed, but it just blew my mind.

This is what you will get in this 2-day intensive Speakers are Leaders Course
– Public Speaking
– Sales and Marketing
– Branding
– Video Creation
– Testimonials
– Hypnotherapy
– Meditation
– Leadership and Teamwork
– Group Chat to keep in touch with the amazing people you meet in the course
– 2x FREE Signed Books (Climbing Big Ben by Harry Sardinas and Lily Patrascu’s Book)


I have known Harry and Lilly for some time and it’s truly inspiring to see what they creating. Speakers Are Leaders is not just a place where speakers learn through practical experience and receiving cutting edge information but it is also group of people who support one another in their journeys on a daily basis. This movement is growing rapidly and providing amazing opportunities to those connected to it (eg meeting Les Brown in October). I attended their seminar yesterday and I’m so inspired by my experience and the personal breakthroughs I witnessed. They are offering great value, great information and I met some special people. I look forward to their next event!

An awesome, outstanding and fun-packed event from one of the most prominent public speakers I know. Not only has Harry further enhanced my passion and love of public speaking within me, but he has helped to ignited a new level of consciousness within my professional capabilities as a business woman and public speaker. Together with his team, they have imparted serious knowledge and inspiration that has changed the way I will now approach the world with it.

Having benefited from the pleasure of a fantastic team of genius transformational Directors, I am able to confidentially and comfortably take the information gained through the event safely with me on my journey ahead; a journey that will take my professional career as a public speaker to a whole new level of evolution.

If you desire professionals training to be a public speaker, I recommend you join the next Speaker Are Leaders Bootcamp event that will equip you with the tools to succeed on the big stage as you stand up behind any mic. You too then can impact other peoples lives for the better!

Thank you all for your contribution to my future guys.

Stay blessed!

Lady Yaa

Speakers Are Leaders is an incredible experience and I highly recommend it for anyone who would like to be a better presenter or leader in whatever they do. It’s certainly made me grow an enormous amount in these areas. Awesome content, and the guys that run it, Harry and Lily, are inspiring people to be around.

Harry & Lily are two amazing individuals who always & always put the participants Intrest first. They are truly caring and given their heart & soul in designing this workshop and the new upcoming advance Speakers & Leaders workshop.

This is a fantastic workshop to overcome public speaking “FEAR” or to sharpen further the public speaking skills to take your product and services to another level.

Awesome Speakers and Leaders event. Great knowledge and education. Awesome energy and support. Super happy we attended.

Learn from the experts – be inspired
Harry and Lilly offer a unique and powerful blend of teaching expert knowledge and skills with truly motivating and inspirational style delivered with passion
Speakers are leaders and advanced courses are the best course, I have been in for facing your fear and learning the ever important public speaking and also associated business communications skills.

What an Amazing 2 Days!!! So much knowledge delivered with amazing passion, absolutely transformational!! A huge thank you to Harry, Lily and the rest of the team! Highly recommended!!!

Speakers Are Leaders the best event ever, lot of learning and lot of fun!! Well done Harry and Lily

Great event! Harry and Lily are powerful and they helped me transform myself so I can be all that I can be!

P.S. Grab your ticket before it’s too late

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Total Value: £8,747

Unleash The Speaker Within Program
Video Essentials from Zero To Hero Program
Just Speak And Make Money Program

Special Bonuses:
1 Branding photo on stage from the back
(£750 value)
1 Branding photo on stage from the front
(£750 value)
Branding video on stage from the front
(£750 value)
Watch Armand Morin exclusive videos
(£2000 value)
Practice with doctor Lamis on peak performance
Be shown from April Lui how to look great on stage
Learn from Isha shan how to double productivity
Professional DJ, Pro photographer
Large potential networking
Get priority access to speaking opportunities
Recognition on stage
Luxury venue associated with your branding photos
Seating behind the Ruby ticket holders
Fun atmosphere


Total Value: £10,997

Unleash The Speaker Within Program
Video Essentials from Zero To Hero Program
Just Speak And Make Money Program

Special Bonuses:
2 Branding photos on stage from the back
2 Branding photos on stage from the front
Branding video on stage from the front
Watch Armand Morin exclusive videos
Hear from Yavuz Altun LIVE
Practice with doctor Lamis on peak performance
Be shown from April Lui how to look great on stage
Learn from Isha shan how to double productivity
Professional DJ, Pro photographer
Large potential networking
Get priority access to speaking opportunities
Recognition on stage
Luxury venue associated with your branding photos
Seating behind the Diamond ticket holders
Fun atmosphere


Total Value: £13,247

Unleash The Speaker Within Program
Video Essentials from Zero To Hero Program
Just Speak And Make Money Program

Special Bonuses:
3 Branding photos on stage from the back
3 Branding photos on stage from the front
Branding video on stage from the front
Watch Armand Morin exclusive videos
Hear from Yavuz Altun LIVE
Practice with doctor Lamis on peak performance
Be shown from April Lui how to look great on stage
Learn from Isha shan how to double productivity
Professional DJ, Pro photographer
Large potential networking
Get priority access to speaking opportunities
Recognition on stage
Luxury venue associated with your branding photos
Seating behind VIP ticket holders
Fun atmosphere


Total Value: £16,197

Unleash The Speaker Within Program
Video Essentials from Zero To Hero Program
Just Speak And Make Money Program

Special Bonuses:
4 Branding photos on stage from the back
4 Branding photos on stage from the front
Branding video on stage from the front
Watch Armand Morin exclusive videos
Live interview in the Diamond Show
Dinner with Harry and Lily
Hear from Yavuz Altun LIVE
Practice with doctor Lamis on peak performance
Be shown from April Lui how to look great on stage
Learn from Isha shan how to double productivity
Professional DJ, Pro photographer
Large potential networking
Get priority access to speaking opportunities
Recognition on stage
Luxury venue associated with your branding photos
Priority front seating
Fun atmosphere