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The South African High Commissioner Cordially Invites You To:


The Private Art Collection Of Peter Jonas,
Celebrating The African Culture & Icons Around The World
With Cocktails, Canapes & Culture

Exciting Benefits:

Exciting Benefits:

Network With Art Collectors, Ambassadors, Consuls, Diplomats And High Net Worth Influential Entrepreneurs
Support The Culture Of South Africa, Africa & Upcoming Artist Peter Jonas
Make A Difference Through Your Support To The African Culture
Feel, Breathe & Get Inspiration From The South African Culture
Raise Your Vibration Being In The Presence Of Highly Creative, Smart, Cultivated & Interesting People
Business Networking With Quality People
Fun, Friendly, Kind – Hearted & Welcoming Environment
Feel Inspired, Motivated, Energised & Connected
Meet Potential Joint Venture Partners For Your Business
Canapes & Drinks Provided
Time – Doors Open At 5pm. Exhibition starts 5.30 to 8.30pm
Luxury Venue With Limited Seats
Support Painters In Different Countries To Do Artwork
A Percentage Of The Proceeds From The Sales Of The Paintings Will Be Donated To Charity

Canapes & Drinks Included

Peter Jonas

A South African artist of mixed heritage, born in Cape Town, Peter Jonas has been strongly influenced by the struggles of the Apartheid era but equally the UK ( resident 18 years). He studied at Hewat College of Education, a hot-bed of political activity where he chose to express himself as a creative activist, using his specialisms in Fine Art and Psychology to forge a contemporary Dali-esque style that continues to suffuse his visual vocabulary in paintings, murals, sculpture and photography today.

Since the early 1990’s, Peter has brought life to public art projects on a grand scale across three continents, painting and facilitating hundreds of meters of themed murals: in schools, community centres, hospitals, universities and other public buildings. He passionately continues with these charity projects locally and internationally.

Most notably, for the Parliament of World Religions in 1999, Peter managed more than 150 people across all ages and backgrounds to create 250 meters of religious mural art, reflecting the spiritual iconography of a country in turmoil. The late Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu were among the delegates at this televised event in Cape Town. Two large realistic portraits of the late Nelson and Winnie Mandela are current being exhibited in The South African Embassy in London, UK.

After a sell-out solo show in Switzerland, Peter was selected as one of six South African mid-career professionals for a scholarship hosted by Indiana University in San Francisco, to lecture on their Masters Program on Multi-Culturalism in Education. He was invited by several schools and the Carlos Santana Foundation to engage young people at risk, in creating public art reflecting multi-cultural heroes and role models.

Peter’s six figurative surrealist paintings, including The Trojan Horse, The Juggler, Red Bull, Memories of Africa and The Gambler explore the fall-out of Colonialism and global conflict.

Based in London since 2000, Peter’s paintings have been exhibited and sold to buyers in Germany, France, Nigeria, Japan, the UK and USA.

In London, Peter has shown at galleries such as Love Ketchup, The PM Gallery and he was featured in the top 100 for the Cork Street Open Show for Erotic Art in 2011.

Other highlights include commissions with a chocolatier to paint a chocolate portrait of Nelson Mandela, auctioned for his Children’s Fund at a Lord’s Cricket Ground Gala, and a chocolate Easter Egg of Russell Brand, presented to him live on the BBC One Show.

Peter’s public works have appeared on GMTV, BBC and ITV1 News, and on Hairspray: The School Musical, TV presented by Denise Van Outen.

With a growing passion for film-making, Peter has co-produced and worked as Production Designer on an award winning short thriller highlighting oil pollution, that has screened at fifteen international film festivals and led to presenting on panels at the Cannes film festival and African High Commission.

The Private Collection Of Peter Jonas


Born 18-07-1918 in Qunu, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Deceased 05-12-2013 (95 years old) in Johannesburg

A rare legend in his own lifetime, Nelson Mandela inspired not only political optimism for the disenfranchised, he also helped spark a generation of creatives to express with passion what political and emotional freedom is.

I have been face to face with Nelson Mandela on three occasions: firstly on the day of his release, February 11th 1990; then several years later receiving Holy Communion at the church I attended as a child; and finally he visited a school near the high school I taught at for 10 years in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, as always an eloquent and engaging speaker.

These events were subliminally suffusing my creative output, and hence Madiba’s image has often been included in many of the murals I have painted in several international venues. He has often been the natural choice of the street kids that I have had the privilege to work with.

On the occasion of Nelson Mandela 91st birthday, his Children’s Fund organised a gala dinner at Lord’s Cricket Ground, to which I donated a chocolate painting of Madiba that was auctioned and bought by an English rugby team.


Born 1-10-1918 in South Africa

Deceased 02-06-2011 (92 years old) in Johannesburg

Albertina Sisulu’s leadership qualities and maternal instincts underlined the respect she earned during the struggle when she was referred to as the ‘Mother of the Nation’. Albertina joined the ANC Women’s League in the 1940s and became a member of the Executive of the Federation of South African Women in 1954.

On August 9, 1956, Albertina marched with Helen Joseph and Sophia Williams-De Bruyn and 20,000 women to the Union Buildings of Pretoria in protest against the apartheid government’s requirement that women carry passbooks. This was one of the largest demonstrations staged in South African history.

In 1963 while her husband was appealing against a 6 year sentence, Walter decided to forfeit bail, and go underground. Apartheid Security Police visited their house and found that he had fled. They arrested Albertina and her young son Zwelakhe, and she became the first woman to be arrested under the General Laws Amendment Act. The Act gave the police the power to hold suspects in detention for 90 days without charging them and in Albertina’s case she was placed in solitary confinement for almost two months while the Security Branch looked for her husband.

In 1992, a state funeral with military honours was held for her at the 40,000 seat Orlando stadium outside Soweto, and condolences from Nelson Mandela were read aloud by his wife, Grace Machel, stating: “The years have taken the toll as one by one friends and comrades passed on. Every time it seems as part of oneself is being cut off. None of those cuts could have been more painful than the loss of this dear friend, you, my beloved sister”.


Born 18-05-1912 in Transkei

Deceased 05-05-2003 (90 years old) in Johannesburg

In 1944 along with Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu joined the ANC Youth League, initially becoming the treasurer. The son of a white foreman who came to his native village in the Transkei to supervise black road workers, Sisulu’s understanding of the complexities of race, through his own mixed heritage illustrates the importance of shared responsibility in creating a more racially harmonious society.

Throughout his political career he fought against black on black violence (between ANC and IFP). In 1964 he was imprisoned on Robben Island for 26 years and was released in 1989 – at age 77. A spiritual sustenance born of strong political conviction kept him going in jail, and with this presence, he fostered unity in the first truly multi-racial elections in South Africa (in 1994) and sa the collective dream of black majority rule fulfilled.

As one of the noteworthy icons, Sisulu is be celebrated, not just for his political philosophy, but hi constant positivity and humorous outlook on what was clearly a quarter of a century of anguish during his incarceration.

Sisulu was known for his doting marriage to Albertina (a fellow freedom-fighter), and the impact which he and his family have made on the contemporary political landscape. By making he and Albertina Sisulu an integral part of this series, I have sought to reflect upon the how the marriage of two souls provides the adhesive for a nation in the throes of violent transition.


Born 18-12-1946 in King Williams Town

Deceased 12-09-1977 (30 years old)


After being expelled from his first school in the Eastern Cape for ‘anti-establishment’ behaviour, Biko was transferred to a Roman Catholic boarding school and later enrolled as a student at the University of Natal Medical School). Whilst there he founded the South African Students’ Organisation (SASO) in 1969, as there was no other union representing the needs of black students. SASO was involved in providing legal aid and medical clinics, as well as helping to develop cottage industries for disadvantaged black communities.

Steve Biko later founded the Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) which would empower and mobilize much of the urban black population, and in March 1973, at the height of apartheid, he was banned to King Williams Town. Biko has been called a martyr of the anti-apartheid movement since his death in police custody on 12 September 1977.

Taken from part of a letter he left for his family before his death, this quote exemplifies his commitment to radical social change: “I’ve devoted my life to see equality for blacks, and at the same time, I’ve denied the needs of my family. Please understand that I take these actions, not out of selfishness or arrogance, but to preserve a South Africa worth living in for blacks and whites.”

It is an honour to create an image of the lasting legacy of a hero, his life tragically cut short. Having briefly met Steve Biko’s three sons whilst painting a mural in a friend’s flat next door in Rondebosch East, I made a promise to them, and myself, that I would paint their father’s portrait.


Oil on canvas, 100x150cm, 2013

The elephant embodies the magnificence of Africa, spiritually and materially disembowelled by centuries of Colonial interference: slavery, stolen treasures such as diamonds and gold, and the desecration of Africa’s ancient spiritual traditions.

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Got Invited To Speak On Podcasts
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Got Invited To Speak About His Book At The National Achievers Congress 2016
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