Luxury Health Mastermind

Speakers Are Leaders & MediLiVes invites you to join us to:
Luxury Health Mastermind
Offering Optimum Health Solutions

1. Doctor In Your Pocket, Hospital in Your Home

2. Connecting Patients with Various Health Conditions with Doctors & Health Professionals 7/24/365

3. Offering Innovative Health & Well-being Products, Health & Well-being Services & Health & Well-being Consultations

4. Connecting Care Home Managers, HR Managers, Directors, Managers, Entrepreneurs with Optimum Health Solutions For Staff Well-being

Exciting Benefits:

Network With Doctors, Health Professionals, Healers, Entrepreneurs That Care About the Wellbeing Of Their Staff, Millionaires, Influential Entrepreneurs & Patients Suffering From Various Conditions


How To Optimise Your Health Within Hours With Easy To Use, Efficient & Quick Products With Long Lasting Effects – From MediLiVes
How To Alleviate & Reduce Pain Of All Types, Migraine, Headache – EVEN IF you have been a long term sufferer!
Ways To Speed Up Recovery After A Cold, Flu, Coronavirus, Low Immunity, Heart Conditions
How To Reduce Weight & Detox Your Body
Ways To Regain Vitality And Youthful Look
Tackle Lack Of Focus, Regain Clarity And Peace Of Mind,
Simple Ways To Recover From Tiredness & Regain Your Vibrant Way Of Being
Ways To Balance and Heal Your Gut
Simple Strategies To Prevent Getting Sick
Optimise Your Health & Performance As A Highly Productive Athlete Entrepreneur, Employee With Challenging & Intense Work Schedules
Ways To Effectively & Quickly Reduce Stress, Insomnia, Acid Reflux, Stomach Acidity
Get Short Customised Insights From Doctors & Health Professionals For Your Specific Condition
Invest In Low Budget Health Solutions With Long Term Benefits
Prevent Brain Tumors & Headaches With Low Budget Anti – Radiation Devices & Wearable Items
Quantumise Your Water, Food, Shower, Skin Cream, Face Spray – To Optimise Your Longevity, Skin Condition, How You Feel
Connect With Doctors & Health Professionals From Your Mobile Phone, Anytime, Anywhere, 24/7/365 At Very Low Affordable Cost (If You Are A Patient With Medical Conditions)
Reach Worldwide Patients, Offer Diagnosis & Treatment For Worldwide Patients With Various Health Conditions (If You Are A Health Professional Or Doctor)
Gain Access To Worldwide Patients From Home
Secret Luxury Venue Near Edgware Road Tube Station in London (Emailed To You Upon Booking)
Canapes & Drinks Provided
Time: 6 to 10pm (+afterparty 10pm to 12pm in the lobby)
Intimate Luxury Venue Max 50 People
Business Networking With Quality People
Fun, Friendly, Kind – Hearted & Welcoming Environment
Get Innovative, Non – Invasive, Non – Blood Health Solutions
Feel Inspired, Motivated, Energised & Connected
Meet Potential Joint Venture Partners For Your Business

P.S. Please consult with your doctor regarding the use of any health products or health devices we provide. These products do not promise a cure for any condition; they are part of alternative medicine – an additional product to what is currently prescribed by your doctor.

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£97 £30

Canapes And Drinks Included

Sunny Ahonsi – MediLiVes

Sunny founded MediLiVes, a UK-based organisation, to demonstrate how the efficacies and the applications of Innovative Technology, both to traditional and alternative approaches, are providing solutions for patients regardless of their socioeconomic class or geographical location. Their mantra is: DOCTOR IN YOUR POCKET, HOSPITAL IN YOUR HOME.
With the latest technological developments, MediLiVes now offers ‘Bio-Resonance Therapy’, an alternative medical method by which, by analysing and using target-specific human bio-frequencies, are able to discover and measure pathogens in the human body. Thus, recommending in accord with the patterns of the diagnostic analyses of a given Patient’s unique whole-body frequencies they have the capacity and capability to apply specific curative bio-resonance frequencies to maintain and improve the overall conditions of the Patient’s health.
This non-invasive technological process – non-blood; non-fluid; non-surgical; non-magnetic and non-electrical, unlike other diagnostic methods that can only detect symptom after it has arisen – gives medical professionals the ability to see the whole-body predisposition of a given human body to suffer an infection before that infection’s signs and symptoms appear.
Some of their diagnosis and therapeutic innovative devices have no analogues in the world and can deal with about 2500 health complexes which largely replaced the Medicine Chest. They are designed to maintain and restore physical health & wellbeing; normalize the function of the internal organs; strengthen the immune system; and many more.
MediLiVes is the proud distributor of the ‘Orgonium® Range of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Harmonising Products’. Their ‘EMR Harmonising Products’, uniquely programmed to neutralise around thirty different harmfully noxious EMR emissions, produces a negative charge resistance that is as close as is possible to that of undisturbed nature. This negative resistance is vital in neutralizing and balancing the positive charge that is produced by Electromagnetic Field (EMF) devices.
A new paradigm of Medicine is approaching: it is the undeniable existence and importance of Quantum Physics. The medical establishment, through no fault of its own given the constraints of investments in previously up-to-date human and resource traditionalism, is forced to embrace somewhat slowly the revolutionary and important discoveries that directly impact Patients’ access to on-the-spot Healthcare Dispensation.
MediLiVes specializes in ‘QUANTUM RESONANCE CONCEPT (QRC)’ products that embrace a powerful set of frequencies and information waves that have a direct effect on your everyday health and wellness. QRC’s products are designed to quantum-entangle their harmony resonance into any food or beverage: thus harmonising the electromagnetic radiation-interference in them to the deep-level frequencies of their optimal natural states.
MediLiVes’ passion for the advancement of human health and wellness continues to grow as they constantly research and source new products that will add to their commitment to serve their customers’ Health and Wellness needs in an increasingly radiation-polluted world.

Speakers Are Leaders

Speakers Are Leaders organise worldwide events for entrepreneurs so they can attract more business through networking, public speaking, personal branding and book publishing.
Over 10000 people have attended our live events and we have reached more than 1 million people online since March last year, and we are now in London running live events again.

Harry Sardinas is a charismatic influencer, smart connector, a public speaking, leadership and empowerment coach and the author of multiple books.

Some of Harry’s achievements:

Built An Empire Empowering Thousands To Speak Confidently
Reached Over 1 Million People At Our Online Events
Has 253k+ Facebook Followers, 11k Linkedin Followers, 20k Instagram Followers
Got Invited To Participate In Commonwealth Celebrations Where The Queen & Royal Family Was Attending
Got Invited To Participate In The “Empire Builders” TV Show On RokuTV
Organised Tens Of Events With Hundreds Of People In Multiple Countries
Spoke At 100 Events+ In 6 Countries
Invited To Speak In 20 Countries
Inspired More Than Ten Thousand People In Person
Featured on 5 TV Channels, 2 Radio, Online Articles & Podcast
Featured On The Cover Of Business Fit Magazine
Got Invited To Speak At A University Conference With 100k Students Online
Got Invited To Speak At Another University Conference With 12k Students Online
Turned His Book Into An Online Global Coaching Programme,
Turned His Book Into A Membership Site
Turned His Book Into An International Workshop,
Leveraged His Book’s Content For Keynote Speaking
Turned His Book’s Content Into Social Media Posts
Got Featured In The New Tycoon App Alongside World’s Best Trainers
Trained Corporate Teams For Hotels, University Students, University Sales Teams, Financial Institutions
Booked As Keynote Speaker Worldwide
Got Gifted Conference Rooms
Created Valuable Relationships With Famous Coaches
Created A Lifestyle Speaking Business Based On The Book
Helped Hundreds To Get Branded Through Speaking
Received Multiple Awards
Met More Than 20 Influencers
Spoke At Same Event As Influencers & High – Profile Entrepreneurs
Created A Clear & Consistent Personal Brand
Revamped His Image To A Luxury Look
Clarified His Signature Expert Message
Created A High Ticket Online Coaching Programme
Featured In Selected Eason Bookstores In Ireland
Made Charitable Donations Through Coach Partnerships
Praised Worldwide For Speaking
Won Speaking Competitions
Rebranded Himself
Improved His Social Media Presence & Reputation
Got Invited To Speak On Podcasts
Attracted Many Joint Venture Projects
Received Hundreds Of Happy Client Reviews Online
Got Invited To Speak About His Book At The National Achievers Congress 2016
He Was Featured In The Movie “Fear The Invisible Man” Due To Appear Soon On Amazon Or Netflix

Lily Patrascu can help you turn your story, knowledge or experience into books, workshops and online programmes that transform the world, so you can:

Get Booked To Speak Worldwide
Make A Difference
Monetise Your Knowledge
Enhance Your Influence Through Personal Branding
Increase Your Impact And Influence
Attract High End Clients
Be Featured On TV
🢂Lily Patrascu is the founder of these programmes: “Brand For Speakers” (We Make You Look Great), “Brand For Speakers University”, “Speakers Are Leaders” (Your Voice Can Transform The World), “Entrepreneurs Are Leaders” (Your Business Can Transform The World), “Millionaire Speakers Network” (Become A World Class Speaker)
🢂She is mentoring CEOs, property investors, influencers, gold medalists, inspirational people, coaches, speakers and ordinary people to write and publish a book that can be turned into a business model in 60 days.
🢂She has empowered hotel chains, financial institutions, universities, charities, politicians, employees, entrepreneurs, authors, women from all walks of life and young people to enhance their sales.
🢂She has spoken at the same event as top world class speakers such as marketing expert Armand Morin, and she has empowered more than 10000 people in the UK, Singapore, Peru and Mexico in 2018 alone with her coaching programs to enhance their image and attract more business, share their message with the world and monetise their knowledge at the same time.
🢂The biggest drive for her is making a difference and turning the message of ordinary people into extraordinary stories that impact the world.
🢂Lily’s mission is to empower 100 million people to be happier, go after what they want and share their stories, message and knowledge in books that transform the world.
🢂Lily Patrascu writes books that transform the world. She is a book publisher, book coach, author of multiple books, and founder of programmes that help you enhance your personal brand to attract more business.

Harry & Lily On Stage

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