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Threedee :The Future Of The Metaverse and Esports

Article by Lily Patrascu
Harry Sardinas COO Threedee Speaking at the Sports Tech Global Conference.

The Future of the Metaverse and Esports was presented by Harry Sardinas COO of Threedee, Inc. at the global sports tech conference last Thursday 17t of November 2022 at St James Park Newcastle United Football Club.
Harry Sardinas COO of Threedee Presenting The Future of The Metaverse and Esports
This event was organized by the entrepreneur and philanthropist Shareen Qureshi on her vision to support sport tech companies on their journey with funding and mentoring, following the steps of her grandfather who invited Muhammad Ali for the first time to New Castle.
Harry Sardinas COO Threedee, Yoni Tehoda Operational Manager and Shareen Qureshi Founder Sports Tech Global Conference
Harry Sardinas shared with the audience that despite that the metaverse will take years to be implemented in Esports, with the use of emerging technologies there is still hope that the future of Metaverse and Esports is closer than ever.
The main reason why the metaverse may take a long time to get implemented in esports is because of the lack of high quality content when we create large 3D urban worlds.

In order for the Metaverse and Esports to succeed, solutions like www.threedee.io which creates high quality 3D content generated procedurally is the way to go. The creation of this large environment is a process that today is done manually which incur a massive cost in terms of deploying large high quality teams to generate these huge urban worlds manually. It is not only expensive; it also takes years to complete the job which makes the projects most of the time non financially viable.
View Of The High Quality 3D Content That Threedee Is Developing For One Of The Clients
Threedee technology controls 100% the geometry of 3D worlds so art directors can customize the scenes themselves without technical knowledge. Also one of the features of threedee responsive geometry is that it can fill any map of any size which makes the whole process faster and more effective as it can be done with small teams.
Threedee patented technology is the bridge that will allow in the future more AAA Esports games but also the Esports Metaverse.
View Of The High Quality 3D Content That Threedee Is Developing For One Of The Clients
What Is Esports?
Esports, also known as electronic sports, refer to professional competitive gaming based on video games. The esports industry estimated a worldwide audience of 215 million, with the number of enthusiasts expected to surpass 300 million by 2025.
Gaming is now even larger than Hollywood and the music industry combined with $180BN in revenue globally in 2021.
Not only that, but it’s become increasingly popular across all demographic groups, ages and geographies, with hundreds of millions of players spending more time engaged in play and re-defining it not just as a hobby but also as a social and commercial activity.
Desktops For Esports Gamers Ready To Compete
High-flying titles are now big blockbusters, fueling another rising subset of this growing industry- esports.
The global esports market is projected to reach $9.6 billion by 2030, up from a current addressable market of $1.38 billion (as per Barclay’s).

In the midst of this boom, esports leaders are taking note of the metaverse and the great potential arising from transitioning into virtual worlds.
Harry Sardinas COO Threedee, Inc. Speaking at The Sport Tech Global Conference
Along with Threedee, some sports technology was also presented at the event from fitness app to technology to gather data from real sports and reduce manual labor.
Threedee Roll Up Banner Display At The Hilton Canary Wharf Hotel At The Flax NFT Event
Last 12th of November 2022 at the Hilton Canary Wharf at the Web3 event organised by Surya Chowdhury - Tech Entrepreneur and founder of www.flaxnft.com, Harry Sardinas announced from the panel at the event the 3D content that Threedee, Inc is developing procedurally for one of his clients saving them a significant amount of money. The audience was overjoyed and received well the news that the metaverse is actually possible for everyone, not just for the elite.
Harry Sardinas COO Threedee, Inc Speaking at the Bit Coin Crypto Event in London
Threedee Has Also Been Present At The Bitcoin Crypto Expo Event Which Took Place On 29th Of October At The Ibis Hotel. Several companies from Dubai and London attended the event.
The DLT lounge is one of the biggest hubs for web3 in London where once a week a web3 event takes place to support the community. Harry Sardinas COO of Threedee, Inc. has been invited two times as guest speaker and one time as a host by the DLT Lounge founder Ozgur
Harry Sardinas COO Threedee Doing An Educational Talk At The DLT Lounge
The purpose is to provide education to the general public about what is procedural 3D modelling and the benefits and possibilities that this technology can offer to the general development of web3.
Emilio Santos CTO Threedee, Inc. Presenting Threedee for the first time at the Games Development Conference in San Francisco
Since Threedee, Inc. was launched on 25th of March 2022 at the Games
Development Conference in San Francisco, The founders Emilio Santos, Carlos Batista and Dagmar Lorenzo share a common vision that Threedee will provide some of the tools to make the metaverse possible for everyone, also educate the general public about what is possible when you apply high quality 3D procedurally generated models to Esports and Metaverse
For more information about how to build your metaverse with Threedee Email:
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Article written by Lily Patrascu, Book Publisher